Welcome to ILoveMyCamera.com

I assume you're here because you love photography as much as I do. If not, that's OK. Stick around. Perhaps you'll catch the "bug" too.

Sit back and relax. Browse at your leisure. There are international travel pictures here, pictures of flowers and fruits, landscapes, animals, and lots more.

Photographs allow us to capture a little bit of God's beauty in nature or in a landscape, sunset or even in man-made structures.

Petunias in purple

Purple Petunia

The purpose of this site is to promote photography as an art. It is also to chronicle some of the things I have seen through my camera around the world over the years.

My hope is that you will stay and browse for a while, and if you like what is here, please tell a friend -- or, if you manage a web site, create a link back to us!

Blooming Geranium

Red Geranium

Pink Azalea

Pink Azalea

Look at this pink Azalea bush. I caught it this spring at just the right time in full bloom.

The blossoms don't last too long, but are really beautiful while they do. Springtime in the Midwest can really produce some amazing flowers.

Creeping Purple Phlox

Creeping Purple Phlox

This purple Phlox grows in the garden in the front of our house. A welcome reminder that winter is finally over.

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